Threadless Flatbacks and Jewelry: How it works

Threadless or "press fit" jewelry, is a fairly new innovation in the body jewelry industry. This style of jewelry requires the use of a 'flatback' which is inserted into a piercing that then secures the decorative piece in place. While most will require the help of a professional piercer, it's a small price to pay for a low-profile fit and high quality jewelry.

The Flatback and The Jewelry

Flatbacks come in different lengths and different thicknesses (gauge). If you're not familiar with what length or gauge your piercing is, it is highly recommended that you visit your local piercing studio to inquire about proper size.

You'll find that all threadless jewelry will have a pin that is fixed to the back. Here, we'll show you how it works.

Step One:

You'll notice a hole in the tip of the threadless flatback.

This is where the pin is inserted.

In most cases, the pin will slide in and out with ease.

Step Two:

Here's the trick.

When the pin is inserted about 1/3 of the way in,

hold it right there.

Step Three:

Give a small amount of angled pressure allowing the pin to slightly bend.

It's better to bend a little at a time, and readjust later if needed.

Final Step:

As you press the jewelry completely into the flatback, you'll notice a bit of resistance. This tension is what allows the jewelry to remain fastened to the flatback.

Here's a tip: The more of a bend, the more tension.

To remove, exert the same force in the opposite direction. Sometimes a small turn & pull can help dislodge a tight fit.

Things to Know:

Please be careful!

If inserted improperly, there is a risk of damaging jewelry.

We cannot be liable for this damage.

This info graphic was made for educational purposes ONLY!

While it's important to know how press-fit jewelry works, it's really not uncommon to have a professional piercer insert it for you. For help finding a professional in your area, please email, or visit