We reserve the right to improvement.


We design and produce fine jewelry out of Northern California


“May every day be the coronation of your individual sovereignty.”

At the core of Regalia is the recognition for certain and creative conditions that allow each of us as individuals to exist freely. These introspective observations are what have allowed the body piercing industry to continue to evolve and push the boundaries of the communities that the industry has found and grown roots in.

We at Regalia believe in individual sovereignty. That is, the self-ownership and property of one's own person, expressed as the moral or natural right of a person to have bodily integrity, and be the exclusive controller of their own body and life.

It is this concept that allows us to recollect the intimate relationship between our gifted mortality and our inherent divinity. It is this relationship that we serve.

May the ornaments you wear be the precipitation of the collaborative and creative endeavor; To empower with both a reminder of the things that came before us, and the things we will leave behind.


Jewelry. Fine Jewelry. Made to order, 100% in the US.

We design and produce fine jewelry out of the gold country of California. How fine is fine? Fine is knowing that we enjoy every step of the process. From collaboration and design to refining not just the finished adornment, but the polish of our workflow and how to achieve better results. We reserve the right to improvement.

Regalia is currently only a wholesale manufacturer. For pricing or more information on where to find our jewelry, click HERE.

We welcome any questions. We also welcome collaborative prospects as well.

Please email your inquiries to info@regalia.jewelry


The dirty hands behind the shine.

We want you to meet the crew behind the shine! When you wear Regalia, not only do you wear the monuments of your own journey, but you monument the journeys of people like you. Throughout our production process, we continue to learn, grow, and expand not just as a company, but as individuals in sacred commerce.

Cicada Rozon -GOLDSMITH- Production Lead

Sweet as syrup, Cicada hails from Calgary and has found herself in the states with 21 years of gold smithing experience. As an independent silver and gold smith, this creative gal has joined the team with fresh perspective and imbued with theatric ritual. As a mother of gold, her midas touch has brought golden grace to the craftsmanship of our work.

Amalia De Marchis -GOLDSMITH-

Our resident "Good Witch" Mali began her golden path as an apprentice jeweler in December, 2017. At heart, she's an herbalist and alchemical mystic that has, can, and will achieve anything she sets her sights on. She also works as a piercer's apprentice, allowing her a unique contribution to the industry that she's found herself in.

Derrick Edward R. -Lead Design-

A journey that began long before being hired on as counter help, it wasn't until working at his favorite piercing studio that his new love for industry met his tried and true affinity for creation. Enchanted by numbers. Obsessed by patterns. Thinks ALL deuces are wild.


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